Case Studies

The Online Consultation project was initiated in December 2017. Its purpose, to deliver an integrated digital experience within Primary Care that supports patients to access health and care information, services and support on line.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Models of Care Portal was created by the South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) and NHS England (NHSE) South, South West to spread examples of innovation, transformation and good practice across the health and care system.
The portal’s main features are:
  • Resources and case studies to aid learning by showcasing achievements and experiences
  • Collaboration spaces: secure, safe online areas for private discussion, document editing and sharing
  • Digital platforms, including primary care resilience tools: the Workforce Analysis Tool (WAT) and the Health Education England (HEE) Star Tool for interpreting data
  • A directory with easy access links to key organisations
  • An interactive map of healthcare providers across Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) areas

The initial idea for a “go-to” online space to highlight the achievements and innovations happening across the South West evolved from conversations with primary care stakeholders. The SW AHSN designed the portal and collaborated with NHSE to expand the impact and deliver benefits to a broader audience. Through the portal, individuals and organisations have the opportunity to demonstrate how they are using new models of care and the alternative ways they are working to promote sustainability and resilience in primary care.

To identify time spent in engagement across a defined time period for a random sample of people with dementia in an acute assessment ward setting.
To understand the culture of engagement over breakfast and to identify any factors that support or undermine people’s ability to engage or be engaged. Using the PDSA cycle and Model for Improvement.

The NHS Long Term Plan will make sure the NHS is fit for the future.
Find out through the case studies and films about how the NHS is already making significant changes and developing to better meet the needs of patients and their families through every stage of life.

RCHT was struggling to meet the need of patients requiring specialist ophthalmology appointments.  Patients attending these appointments cannot drive due to the eye drops administered so needed a family member to go with them. Appointments were often taking several hours with traveling time on top necessitating patients and their drivers to take a day off work.

Lynton is a small rural practice based on the coast of North Devon close to the Somerset border. Four years ago we moved into our new purpose built surgery which had been designed to incorporate a minor injury service and accommodation for our community nursing team who were to run it.  Due to our small numbers at the time, we had initial concerns about how we were going to manage the practice nursing side of the GP Practice.

Making changes to the appointment system and waiting lists. To help reduce waiting time for patients and manage their expectations regarding appointments. Also to help with prioritising patients and for continuing care.

Greater Manchester iThrive

The Eating Disorder Service in Greater Manchester is a developing example of implementing a whole-system pathway across all of the THRIVE needs based groupings. This provides an example of how devolution, can make a real difference when implementing THRIVE in Greater Manchester as a devolved health and social care partnership.


The Healthy Cornwall scheme funded by Public Health England is a free service provided across all major towns in Cornwall.
This scheme aims to support people with weight management, healthy eating and physical activity, improving health and wellbeing within Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. Focusing on lifetime change.